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Sep 2016 "After 5 years of having the mailboxes and posts replaced by Mailbox Xpress, everything was holding up nicely, expect for scuffs on the bottom of the posts due to the weed trimmers by our landscaping. We asked Jim to come out and repaint all of our posts.

Jim once again did a fantastic job for a reasonable price. He came out the same day that we approved the work. He took the time to remove the boxes and house numbers from the posts before painting. After painting and reassembly, the mailboxes and posts look brand new. Jim is such a professional and a wonderful person to deal with. We recommend him highly. - The Preserve HOA in Fairfax, VA."

Sep 2016 "Fantastic! Mr. Jim Hughes returned my call quickly, advised me on mailbox choices and then installed my new mailbox the same day. Definitely, the best contractor experience I've had. I highly recommend this company."

Sep 2016 "Jim did a great job replacing my worn out mailbox. He arrived exactly when he said he would and had the new post and mailbox installed in less than an hour. He has lots of choices with posts, colors, mailboxes and numbers, so I got exactly what I wanted. It's a quality product and job. Thanks Jim"

Aug 2016 "Very pleased. Jim was out within a day after we called. Work was completed quickly. He used our existing exterior paint so it would match the trim of our house. Came back later to add a 2nd coat. We liked the fact that his web site gave defined prices. They were very competitive. Hopefully, we won't need another post for another 35 years, but if we do, Jim will be the first one we call.215.00"

Jun 2016 "My mailbox was knocked down by a truck. I knew that I would get prompt service to replace it because Mr. Hughes had installed the original one in a timely and efficient manner. He came to my house as soon as possible with all my requested materials, removed the original post that he had very securely installed, and installed a new post and mailbox. When he noticed a slight flaw in the mailbox, he even got me another one and replaced it (he lives in Virginia and I am in Maryland). Mr. Hughes is very accommodating and wants his clients to be happy. My mailbox looks great! I highly recommend his service."

Jun 2016 "Doesn't get much better than the unbelievable customer service  and quality products that Jim provides. My neighbor's mailbox took a hit from one of my elderly neighbors on a Saturday night. I called Jim Sunday morning and he was there by noon same day to replace it with a perfectly crafted post and box. You just dont see customer service and responsiveness like that these days. Jim is the real deal. I will be using him in the future to replace my own!"

May 2016"Mr. Hughes did an incredible job installing my Whitehall mailbox. He arrived on a Saturday morning and had the post installed and the box attached all within an hour. 

May 2016 "I am extremely pleased with the quality of service and would HIGHLY recommend Mailbox Xpress to anyone and everyone!"

Jim saw my original 4-star review where I mentioned that the mailbox was slightly off center of the post and dropped by while I was at work one day to fix it. I had a note from him in my mailbox when I got home letting me know he had fixed it up. It was such a minor thing and I was happy with the service previously, but wow, just uncalled like that for him to drop by and perfect his work really says something. This company is the real deal -- you just don't find customer service like this anywhere these days from someone who really cares about the work that they do. Amazing! Jim is your guy, hands-down. So nice."

April 2016 "I had a great experience today. I emailed Jim yesterday and he installed my new box today in 25 minutes. I am very happy with the price, service, and quality."

April 2016 "I emailed Jim to get an estimate to replace a mailbox demolished by a delivery truck. He responded quickly (same day!) and was worried about whether or not the mailbox was so damaged that I couldn't receive my mail. He made my replacement a priority and I had my new mailbox a day earlier than I expected! Attention to detail and personalized customer service are such rare commodities these days, you gotta love someone who "gets it" in both areas. I highly recommend Jim and Mailbox Xpress for a job well done! Thanks!"

Mar 2016 "Jim was great! I love my new mailbox and post! Thanks Jim!"

Mar 2016 "Jim arrived as promised, and did the work expeditiously and thoroughly. I was pleased with the result."

Feb 2016 "A short note of satisfaction concerning Mr. Jim Hughes of Mailbox Xpress, Inc..
Mr. Hughes arrived shortly after our phone call.
 He examined the existing post and told us it was satisfactory and replaced
our damaged mailbox expeditiously with a more substantial one at a very
reasonable cost.
We recommend Mr Hughes and his service without reservation."

Feb 2016 "I know Jim for years now.  No other company comes to mind when dealing with mailboxes.  He is a great professional who delivers top quality of materials, as well as a professional install. He is a great person, goes out of his way to get things done and shows up at the time agreed upon. I can't recommend him more. THANK YOU AGAIN, for the great job!"

Nov 2015 "Jim was very responsive to my queries regarding his services and provided a good price for our original request of a set of four standard boxes for our pipestem.  When he first came out to review the requirements, he talked to one of my neighbors who already had an oversized mailbox and indicated that he would prefer not to go down to standard size box.  Jim realized that three standard boxes and one oversized would look awful but was reluctant to raise his originally quoted price to cover the difference for four larger boxes so he provided us with a new quote that split the difference between the original cost and what it would normally cost with four oversized boxes.  We accepted the new quote and are all absolutely thrilled with the new set of boxes.  The look great, work great and everything is top notch quality.  When my family and I drive through our neighborhood we look at the other similar sets of mailboxes and the difference in quality is often readily apparent."

Nov 2015 "Jim had replaced all of the mailboxes in our community about 6 years ago. We couldn't be happier on how great the new boxes and posts gave the neighborhood. One of the mailbox doors broke off and Jim was there the same day of being called. He replaced the box and everything perfect again."

Nov 2015 "After over 20 years of faithful service, including a hit by a trash truck and near misses by the paperboy and pizza delivery, our mailbox post was gradually but rapidly eroding away. For weeks, I had been searching online for a company that both sold and installed a mailbox and post. I had no problem locating product or installer but when I finally came across Mailbox Xpress I was so relieved to learn that although the business is located in Virginia, the owner was willing to come all the way to my home in Annapolis MD to perform the required work. I couldn't be happier with the product or the service and when you consider the separate cost of supplies and installation, the price can't be beaten. I was skeptical when we set up installation for 6 AM. It's not even light at that time of morning. And the weather, not ideal for any kind of outside work. But, as promised, the work began on time. Driving almost 50 miles one way, in the dark and drizzle, this man is serious about keeping his customers serviced and happy."

Oct 2015 "Our trusty old mailbox had a run in with an SUV and the post was slammed to the ground and the mailbox sailed all the way across the yard. After not being terribly impressed with the options at Home Depot and Lowe's we where reminded of a company that had put out flyers a couple of years back. We went to look them up online and checked all the reviews. After considering the price and glowing reviews we decided to give the company a call.

Prepared for the usual impersonal and uninterested response that one usually finds we where most pleasantly surprised to find the owner very friendly and willing to squeeze us in for an install the very next day. He was very thorough in asking what we needed and making sure we where happy with our choice. There was no pressure to up sell at all or make us choose what was convenient for him to provide.

 The next day arrived and sure enough the owner showed up and made a very pleasant introduction and proceeded to get to work. We had asked for the $159 base model and the post and mailbox where of excellent quality. He set the post in concrete and explained he was working on another job and would be back shortly after the post had set.  He was kind enough to use phillip screws so that we could detatch the mailbox easily later if we decided to paint the mailbox and spray painted the interior for a uniform look. Well before the postman arrived he was back and placing the finishing touches on the mailbox. In addition to adding a little extra concrete since the post had to be placed closer to the street much to the joy of our mail lady I would imagine!

After finishing the install instead of grabbing his money and running he was kind enough to talk about the mailbox and post. Offering several recommendations and suggestions for maintaining the wood so that it would last as long as possible. Also explaining how he takes the time to season the posts properly himself. Never at any point did he pressure us to pay right away and even several times stated we could pay later.

The owner is extremely passionate about his job and from my first impression provides an excellent service and believes in customer service. Which in this area can be at times can feel like a foreign concept."

Sept 2015 "Jim was prompt and responsive in setting a time to come by to install a new mailbox and remove our old vandalized one. Our old mailbox post was installed in a concrete slate that was difficult to remove but Jim went above and beyond in getting it done. He also sawed up the old post to make it easier to dispose of. Most importantly, he took the time to answer our questions and generally thought he was responsive. I would highly recommend him."

Sept 2015 "Jim is very personable and he did excellent work removing the old mailboxes and posts, installing the new and cleaning up.  While he was doing my parent's installation yesterday, my Dad expressed some concerns about the lawn care company damaging the new post with their trimmer, so today when he installed mine, he left plastic guards for the bottom of both posts (I use the same lawn care company) to protect them from damage.  Very nice of him.  He also called my parents today after installing mine to make sure everything was okay as he was holding on to the two checks my parents gave him until he knew we were completely satisfied.  The price for my parents was $184 and mine was $185 because I got a brown box (instead of the basic black).  We would definitely use him again (not that we'll need to for a good, long while) and will certainly pass his name along to others."

Aug 2015 "Easy summary is "exceeded expectations." After futzing around for a few weeks, I send an email Friday to the website address. Got a phone call back within 2 hours. Jim was bummed that he was in my town but he had already sold the extra posts he kept in his truck, so he offered to come by the next day, Saturday. We discussed how to make payment and I expected to perhaps see him the next day as I came and went on errands. Imagine my surprise when, a couple hours later as we were getting ready to take the dog for a walk, she looked out the front window and said someone was digging out our old mailbox. Jim was outside digging out the post hole for out replacement mailbox.  I don't know where he got the replacement post, but there he was, about 5 hours after my original email putting in the new mailbox.  I have never, NEVER been visited by a tradesman who was so passionate about what he does and exceeded my expectations.by so much. Jim could give lessons! "

Aug 2015 "When I first called Jim to tell him we were moving to a new house, he suggested that we wait until after the move to replace the mailbox. He said that in his experience, during moves sometimes mailboxes would be damaged by trucks or delivery people. He was willing to come out the same day if I insisted, but suggested waiting a few weeks might be a good idea. In fact, he was exactly right. During the move one of the trucks hit the mailbox post, making it even more unstable than it already was. Then, after our move, Jim came out just as promised with one of his signature pineapple postboxes. On taking a look at the color of our house, he even suggested a color scheme that would look better than what I had originally thought of in front of our property. He also kindly offered to put the new numbers on that I had bought at Home Depot. Jim takes pride in his work, and deservedly so. Of the more than a dozen contractors that I worked with during our recent move, Jim was the most pleasant and responsive. I've already suggested him to several neighbors who admired our new mailbox. It's amazing that you can find someone who specializes in this and is really good at it. Thank you Jim and thank you Angie's list."

Aug 2015 "This is service with a capital "S".  I called Jim on Monday, and the job was completed by Tuesday!  The quality of the post and mailbox is excellent, and it is indeed the nicest one in the neighborhood.  The work comes with a five year guarantee.
I felt that my business was really appreciated by this company-they treated me as if I were family.   Jim is an interesting person to talk to, and shows pride in the quality of his work and service.
I would recommend this company to everyone!"

Aug 2015 "This was one of those great service experiences. Jim was quick to respond to my first enquiry by email, then very responsive and helpful by phone when we went over the project. He committed to coming on a weekend to remove an old mailbox and post and install a new pedestal mailbox.  He was very knowledgeable, pleasant and reliable both in his advice and his work.  He installed the new mailbox beautifully - returning after several days once the concrete had set to finish and clean up the job.  I wholeheartedly recommend this provider (Thanks so much for your help, Jim!)."

Aug 2015 "Excellent! Jim is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He put in a temporarily mailbox the same day that I called him about my broken mailbox. He suggested to relocate my mailbox to a more convenient place and now I don't have to worry about hitting my mailbox again. He was very easy to work with and was kind, he had gotten my mailbox installed sooner than I expected."

July 2015 "The mailbox and post was damaged when a truck backed into it.  I called Mailbox Xpress on Tuesday, July 14, and spoke with Jim, who answered the phone right away.  I told him which mailbox and post I thought I wanted; he answered all my questions, which helped me make a decision.  When I got home from work the next day, I saw that the new mailbox and post had been installed. Jim was even able to match the post color to the trim on my house  - it looks great!  I now have the nicest mailbox on my court.  Thanks, Jim!"

June 2015 "I contacted Mailbox Xpress on Saturday hoping to be able to get my mailbox post fixed some time the next week.  I received a response almost immediately.  Jim showed up on Sunday afternoon and finished the job.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I would recommend Mailbox Xpress to anyone."

June 2015 "Jim was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He removed the damaged boxes and repositioned the new pressure treated a little farther form the driveway.  He set the new stand in concrete. He installed new mailboxes and newspaper boxes and  put house numbers on the boxes AND  in each newspaper box. The price was extremely reasonable  for the quality of the work performed."

June 2015 "Rarely have we worked with a contractor that is more enthusiastic, reliable and knowledgeable about his craft than Jim Hughes of Mailbox Xpress.  From the commencement of our project, all the way to its conclusion, Jim was on top of it and extremely easy to work with - he was patient as we obtained necessary approvals, he made fast work of 47 individual installations, he worked well with each homeowner, he remained true to his estimates of cost and offered an infectious enthusiasm in his efforts.  The curbside appearance of our community has been enhanced and we’ve made a good friend in the course of it."

May 2015 "Overall, I consider Mailbox Xpress/Jim is outstanding & exceptional provided above and beyond services.   Jim communicated what he will do and when based on our need.  Cost is very reasonable.  We are one of the three houses on a pipe-stem and we agreed to replace our mailboxes & posts with Xpress.  Jim did everything as promised.  Everything that was including new boxes, large house number labels, painted, using screws instead of staple-gun, and set on concrete.  I talked to Jim during the install and
mentioned that I have contacted Washington Post on replacing the newspaper bin.  Jim suggested he has sufficient stock
of Washington Post Bins available and could’ve clean up the newspaper bin for us.  “Poof!”, we got all new newspaper
bin installed next day and the old cluster of Washington post Bins were cleaned up at no-cost. That is “beyond”.    I’ll give Jim credit as I assume that was not done by Washington post.   It is a professional and beautiful work.  
We are very happy with the results and I definitely recommend MailboxXpress.  I wish my other contractor currently doing my remodeling work (who is getting pay a lot more!) is half as professional and customer focused as MailboxXpress."

May 2015 "Jim had a freshly pressure treated post of required size.  As it was freshly pressure treated; it must be completley dry, before makeing ground contact as well as applying paint; therefore, he used the old post with the new box for a temporary fix.  Jim will be back in mid July to put in and paint the new post. He is going to dry the wood at his workplace, by standing upright; supported by cinder  blocks.  This will allow fast drying time exposed to air, wind and sun.  My next door neighbor liked what she saw, and is haveing Jim replace her box and post as well.  Jim was very friendly and took pride in his work.  I will inform our HOA, and hope he will attend to future work  by the people in this community."

May 2015 "About three years ago I used this company to install a new mailbox. Jim did a tremendous job. This weekend my friends visited us and were able to rear-end my still good looking mailbox with their rental car. The mailbox needed to be replaced, and I immediately remembered Jim and his company. They did such a good job last time that I had no doubts in my mins who to call this time. Called Jim in the morning. He said he would stop by today. It was about 6pm when he stopped by in good spirits, as he knew that I was stuck. He did an amazing job of replacing the entire thing and I was with a brand new mailbox (post and mailbox) in 30 minutes! The installation looks solid and I am sure it will survive many years, unless more visitors do the same thing!"

April 2015 "Jim was great from start to finish. He made sure we understood the benefits of each of his products and brought a few for us to choose from. He installed the one we selected quickly and left the area cleaner than he found it."

April 2015 "Jim was very responsive from start to finish.  He made sure he understood what work I needed done, and gave me appropriate information and options to choose from.  He arrived very promptly, and was courteous and professional.  He was able to remove my old mailbox post, then walked me through the process of installing a new post and mailbox.  Jim had very good attention to detail - ensuring everything was level and properly measured.  The completed work was quickly and easily done to my satisfaction, and we're very pleased with how it turned out.  I would definitely recommend Mailbox Xpress Inc."

April 2015 "I spoke with Jim at at Mailbox Xpress Inc. last night at 7:00pm. I explained my problem and concern that my mail carrier might stop delivering my mail due to the box currently being on the ground. Jim promised to be at my house the next day and when I pulled up in front of my house after work, there he was working on my mailbox. He did an AMAZING job. He didn't just replace the box itself he repainted the pole and replaced all of the numbers as well. He told me that he loves his customers and his commitment to quality shows in his work. We chatted a bit as he was finishing up and I was extremely impressed with his professionalism. I was also very grateful for his willingness to help me out so quickly. Thanks Jim!!"

March 2015 "Replaced/installed old mailbox with new premium mailbox and premium post. I was very impressed with the service and the speed.  I will definitely use them again."

Feb 2015 "Jim came out the same day and the bottom line is he did a fantastic job.  Thorough in his craft, he left the work site when it was all done in a far better state than when he arrived in terms of product quality and cleanliness.  It is obvious Jim takes great pride in his work and is a very decent individual.  He also helped with another chore that was completely unrelated to the actual work.
I have done only a few reviews, but I wanted to do this review as Jim merited the very best words I could bestow on him.  Extremely, extremely pleased."

Feb 2015 "I had read good reviews on Mailbox Express, but I wasn't expecting such a personable and dedicated service. First, after my pole was damaged my spouse decided she wanted a different type of box. We had the same one that came with the house. We looked through the web page and found one, but it was going to take 4-6 weeks for delivery. No problem, the next day we had a temporary box in place. Outstanding! Three weeks later when the final box came in (and in 15 degree weather) final construction and installation of our new box. Little touches including paint on non matching parts, made the whole experience way less painful than I expected. Definitely a go to guy."

Jan 2015 "On early Sunday morning, my daughter and wife were on the way to church, my wife text me that the mailbox was laying on the ground. I put my clothes on and ran outside to check out the damage, and see if I could figure out what had happened. After examinig the post and how the post was split in two, I realized it had to be hit by a car.
After searching through the internet, trying to find a mailbox installer in the area, I decided to join Angie's list. After looking at the reviews in Angie's list, I decided on Mailbox Xpress. Jim (the owner) had noting but excellent reviews. He stated he would like to be contacted through email, so I emailed him Sunday morning, not really expecting to hear anything until Monday. After checking my phone emails while watching a football game, Jim had responded back telling me to pick a mailbox and post from his website.
I wrote him back telling him I wanted the standard mailbox with reflectors. Jim emailed my back and said it would be $165, just leave money under the mat if not home.
Well, Monday arrives it's pouring down raining, I just know he isnt coming until the next day. Later that evening, in the pouring rain, Jim is outside putting together the post. I watch him through the door in the pouring rain, pulling the broken piece of post out of the ground, measuring the post, cementing it in the ground, and completing the task.
After he knocks on the door, tells me how he appreciated my business, and how he makes a priority to take care of persons with damaged mailboxes, and tries to get them up before the days mail arrive. I have nothing but great reviews for this guy, and definitely recommend him for people who needs this type work. A+++ Jim. Thanks!"

Jan 2015 "Jim was very quick to respond to my email.  Jim repaired the mailbox in due course.  There was no fuss; no problems.  I love that!  Jim is a good communicator.  You can tell that Jim genuinely cares out each and every project he works on.  So refreshing.  I would definitely use Jim's services again and would recommend him highly."

Jan 2015 "Timely response to our request in less than 24 hours.  Removed old mail box and installed new mail box with minimum time and very professionally done.  Work done by Founder Jim Hughes.  Also provided very useful info on future painting and preservation of this mail box.  Give him my highest recommendation for any service man who has worked on our house"

Dec 2014 "I called the number on the afternoon of December 20 and Jim answered the phone. He came over that evening to help me decide what was the best mailbox replacement for my home. He was there the next day and i had a new mailbox. You can definitely tell the difference in the quality of the mailbox I had before and the one he replaced it with. I'm glad I made the call and Jim is SO friendly I could talk to him all day. Excellent customer service!!!"

Dec 2014 "I spoke with Jim in the morning. He came over the same day with a mailbox and discussed the best location options. He then installed it rightaway. Fast and reliable service."

Nov 2014 "Love the new mailbox and post. Jim was very responsive when I initially contacted him. It's seldom you meet someone that absolutely loves what he does. He takes great pride in his work and cares tremendously about customer service. He went above and beyond in replacing my mailbox and post when he removed the two bushes that were in the way."

Oct 2014 "I called Jim on the 27th and let him know that I was interested in purchasing a mailbox from him as well as having him remove my current mailbox and install the new one. I was directed to his website which was easy to navigate. I chose the mailbox I wanted and emailed Jim with my address and specifications that I wanted (i.e. white painted post, medium box vs. standard size, etc.) Within 24 hours, Jim had come to my house, removed my old mailbox and replaced it with a GORGEOUS one that my neighbors all stop to comment on. The mailbox is SO amazing that my husband noticed, as did our mail deliverer, who wrote on a sheet of paper "THANK YOU!!" and left with our mail. From a flimsy vinyl mailbox to a now sturdy and prominent fixture in our neighborhood, I could not be happier with the quality and professionalism. I will recommend over and over!"

Oct 2014 "Called "Jim" on Saturday late afternoon 28 June, and asked about the cost of replacing my existing mailbox and post with a new assembly.  Jim talked briefly about the quality materials that he uses and how his work is the best value for the money.  After hearing his sales pitch, I decided to accept his proposal.
1)  Remove the old mailbox + post and haul it away for disposal.
2)  Install a new, freshly painted post in concrete and a new mailbox.
3)  Mailbox has new house numbers on the sides.
4)  Guaranteed completion by Monday 30 June "... before you get home from work."
5)  Cost $195
Please note that although I told "Jim" that I live in a subdivision, I did not tell him the specific restrictions for mailboxes in my subdivision.  To my surprise, the mailbox which he installed was exactly in compliance with the housing association's restrictions for color, shape, and size.  "Jim" seemed to know exactly what required.  Attention to detail.  Impressive.
Bottom line:  He delivered as promised."

Oct 2014 "Jim was very friendly and professional when I called. I got him right away and he arranged to provide his service the very next day. Jim showed up exactly when he said he would and did a great job replacing the old mailbox with a brand new, very solid replacement mailbox. Jim was a pleasure to deal with and went the extra mile. He even pried off the old #'s from the old mailbox and spray painted them for me so I could put on the new mailbox. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone needing a new mailbox.'

Sept 2014 "Replaced entire mail box system... I wish all service providers were like this one -- THE Greatest!"

Sept 2014 "More than just a new mailbox;  Jim provided something that is missing in a lot of small and larger businesses providing a service to homeowners....a personal touch that included discussions and guidance over the phone, and in person conversation that was all about quality and care before, during, and after installation.   Not even sure anyone else could come anywhere close in quality and service at a fair price....Would not hesitate to recommend."

Aug 2014 "Jim is the role model for five star customer service. Provided good advice as to the best mailboxes to consider. Upon delivery, he promptly  installed the new mailbox with new post and hauled the old one away. Cleaned up site to where it looked like the new mailbox had always been there.  Very courteous and friendly service but more important, quality work. Highly recommended!"

Aug 2014 "We called Jim on Saturday and he was there the next day. He did a great job and was very professional and courteous. He helped us pick out the right post and box and then set it up that Sunday. He has been doing this for 20 years and I can see why. If you went to Home Depot and bought everything separately and the equipment to install it, it would be probably just a little bit less than what we paid. He provides a 5 year warranty and judging by the other reviews, he is very well liked. Could not recommend anyone better if you need this done quickly with no headaches. Thanks Jim"

Aug 2014 "Sent an email to start a discussion on Saturday afternoon. Jim recommended a mailbox/post combination. By the next morning at 8 a.m. the mailbox was installed. Amazing service! He installed a "pineapple post" which he had given its first coat of paint the night before and he put on the 2nd coat after it was installed. He installed it in concrete. He then installed a high quality steel mailbox (green). He painted metal housenumbers to match and nailed them down the post. My wife says we now have the nicest mailbox in the neighborhood, which is true. If you need a new mailbox and especially a new post, you can't go wrong with this company. It beats buying or borrowing a post hole digger and learning how to get it straight and to look nice. Jim does all that for you and at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended."

Aug 2014 "On a recent Friday afternoon, our pressure-treated mailbox post simply
snapped in half from rot and the onslaughts of carpenter bees that had drilled
more than a dozen holes! Panicked, I searched the Web and found Mailbox
Xpress, Inc. -- which was to my good fortune.

We phoned and the very next (rainy) day -- a Saturday -- we woke up to
find a brand new post with our old (but favorite) mailbox mounted on it. We
expected reasonably fast service, but this was almost ridiculous! The work
was done and it wasn't even 9:00 a.m.!

My wife and I can't thank Jim enough for schlepping all the way to
Annapolis to help us out. The new post/box stands straight, tall, and looks like
it will last for years and years, if only I can get rid of the carpenter
bees... I hear varnishing the post might work..."

July 2014 "I emailed Jim early before I went to work, telling him what kind of mailbox I wanted as pictured on his website.  I did not expect to hear from him the same day.
When my wife returned home later that day, she caught Jim in the act of putting up a wonderful mailbox!!  
The mailbox is perfect for us, beautifully built, with the treated lumber post set in concrete.  I highly recommend him to anyone in similar need.  There was nothing in the interaction or the finished product that can be improved upon.  
And, best of all, he is a super nice guy!!"

July 2014 "Jim is outstanding. He installed a beautiful new mailbox for me this morning. I think people don't realize how much a new mailbox can do for the curb appeal of a house. I would highly recommend Mailbox Xpress. The work was of great quality and completed quickly."

June 2014 "I contacted Mr. Jim Hughes early Saturday morning and less than 3 hours later my mailbox was replaced!!  Jim takes great pride in his work - which clearly shows in the quality of his workmanship.  It is virtually impossible these days to find someone with Jim's work ethic.  His commitment to customer satisfaction, high quality work, and honesty places him in the very top of my list.  The fact that he is highly rated by Angie's List is not by chance - he lives up to every bit of it and more!!"

June 2014 "Jim Hughes takes great pride in his work and stands behind it.  When i noticed that my mailbox post was deteriorating, i called Jim to have him replace it with a new post and box.  When he arrived to do the work, he recognized the existing mailbox was one that he installed some years ago.  I had left a check in the old mailbox for the replacement work, but he left it and called me to insist that he was ashamed of the deterioration and would fix or replace the box at a reduced price or no charge. The existing mailbox was well beyong the 5 year warranty but he still backed his work.  I insisted that he take the money because i did not see the problem as his fault.  He replaced the post and mailbox with his top of the line mailbox.  I am extremely happy with the work and would definitely recommend him to anyone.  Superb customer service!  Something that is rare in current times.  Definitely ALL STAR service."

June 2014 "I special ordered a new mail box and as soon as it came in, Mr. Hughes called me and arranged
to install it the next day.  He arrived early the next morning, and removed the old box.  He dug the hole
for the new box, and was very precise in measurement from the street, height, and vertical level.
He was very professional, and in our conversation, I learned that he had installed hundreds of mail boxes
so he has vast experience in the correct procedure.  I have relied on Angie's List for quality contractors
for several years, and each contractor or repairman that I contacted turned out to be outstanding.
This was my experience with Mailbox Xpress.  They have the knowledge and experience to do the
job the way it should be done."

May 2014 "Exceptional customer service and work.  I had purchased a mailbox and post from Home Depot, with the intention of removing my old one and installing the new one by myself.  However, once I started digging, I realized the concrete around the existing mailbox meant that I was in over my head.  I wanted to install the new mailbox exactly where the old one was -- so I knew I needed help.  I logged onto Angie's List, and found Jim Hughes (Mailbox Xpress) was highly recommended.  I called him on the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend -- and he and his nephew, Chris, had my new mailbox installed by 8:00pm that same day!  Three things immediately impressed me about Jim: 1) He got the job done that same day - and on a Sunday at that, 2) He got the job done right, and 3) He's a heck of a nice guy.  I am going to recommend him to a neighborhood friend interested in having her mailbox replaced, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional installation at an affordable price by a small business owner who truly cares about his customers and getting the job done right!"

May 2014 "From beginning to end, starting with the initial contact via email, then phone, Mr. Hughes and Mailbox Xpress provided punctual, quality, professional service.  Arrangements were made on 21 Ma;y for installation on 22 May, the installation was professional, both Mr. Hughes and his assistant were friendly, courteous, and responsive.  I would recommend Mailbox Xpress to anyone needing a new mailbox installation, or a replacement of the old rotting post (which was my case)."

May 2014 "Jim Hughes came out the day after we contracted with him to install a new post and mailbox for us.  He got both the exact post and mailbox for us that we wanted.  He and his partner did a great job of digging a hole deep enough to keep the mailbox and post sturdy and stable in its spot.  He did a thorough job painting the post for us, and screwed down the mailbox securely.  He also made certain that the door of the mailbox worked properly before he left.  He is very honest, cordial, and professional.  Jim also recommended a different placement for our mailbox as we have a curved driveway.  He recommended the post be put further away from the driveway than he otherwise would have placed it because with a curved driveway it is easier to knock the mailbox over.  We really enjoyed doing business with Jim and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

April 2014 "A neighbor's tree fell and demolished our roadside mailbox.  The next morning I called Jim Hughes and asked him to install a new mailbox.  The tree had fallen across the road and there was too much debris to do the job that day.  I thought I would have to wait until Monday but on Saturday evening Jim and his helper arrived unexpectedly - we were delighted to see them.  They had a new mailbox installed in a short time and cleared away the old one.  I would highly recommend Mailbox Xpress for the excellent and professional service we received."

April 2014 "Bought a unique mailbox online to replace the old rusty one that I had.  The problem was in getting a new post and someone to install.  Enter Jim and Mailbox Xpress.  Sent an email out with a picture and description of my need on Tuesday night.  Jim called me the next day for more information and provided recommendations on what would goes best with my unique mailbox.  The post was fabricated to the specifications for my mailbox.  Needless to say, Jim and his nephew came over on Saturday, promptly removed the old and perfectly setup the new one.  It looks great and I'm sure it is the envy of the neighborhood!  Jim was genuinely excited about installing my custom mailbox and I can tell that he really take great pride in his work and enjoy doing his job."

April 2014 "I called them on Saturday to inquire about the repair of my mailbox. They indicated they would be out the next day (Sunday).
 On Sunday they replaced the mailbox and post.  They were responsive and professional.  I would use them again."

Mar 2014 "Always on time and would go out of his way to make sure we had immediate service."

Mar 2014 "On Dec 14, 2013 someone ran into our streetside mailbox and broke the wooden post.  We needed the whole post replaced ASAP. We contacted Mailbox Express that day and received a return phone call all that same day.  The owner said he was going to be out of commission as of the following Thursday and we were going to be out of town the 17th and 18th.  He agreed to install a new mailbox while we were gone.  Upon returning home we discovered the brand new mailbox and no sign of the old debris.
I would recommend Mailbox Express for promptness, quality of the mailbox and work and reasonable cost."

Feb 2014 "I had many mailboxes to choose from and the one I picked was just as promised. Now I have a beautiful white mailbox on a very sturdy white post. I wished I had did these years agon. Beautiful job!"

Feb 2014 "The company arrived on time and they were so nice!  They got the job done in no time, and were very professional and cleaned up afterwards."

Jan 2014 "From the initial phone call to installation and removal of old mailbox and post, experience was extremely good. The lady in the office was a joy to speak to and very, very helpful."

Jan 2014 "Had a mailbox that fell over.  The owner was out here within 48 hours to give me a temporary one at no charge.  He made some suggestions.  He was concerned about what I wanted to get.  I went to the website and I was able to find what I wanted.  He was genuinelly cocerned about what I wanted.  I would reccomend him to anyone."

Jan 2014 "My mailbox was run over by a driver. I found Mailbox Xpress on google. I emailed the owner (Jim) to inquire about the repair. That was on a Monday evening. I get up to go to work at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I hear banging outside my house. Surprised and curious I went outside to find this guy in pitch dark and in the rain replacing my mailbox. Holy cow! Jim himself was already replacing my mailbox. I was astounded that he was standing in the dark and rain and had already removed the concrete and old broken post. We chatted for a few minutes about my amazement that he was already at my house and he replied "my customers are very important to me." You can't get any better customer service than from Mailbox Xpress. I returned home after going to work and the mailbox was perfectly installed. Jim didn't try to upsell me and in fact, I was able to reuse the actual steel mailbox that I had instead of him trying selling me a cheaper version that
he could've sold to me. I would definitely recommend Mailbox Xpress to anybody. Prompt, professional, great price, great work! I wish all my service providers were like Jim and Mailbox Xpress! "

Dec 2013 "I  damaged my mailbox when I back into it with my car, knocking it off its pole and breaking some if its mounting parts. The accident happened on a Friday afternoon. I called Mailbox Xpress later that afternoon and spoke to a woman who said they would put up a temporary mailbox as soon as possible, most likely on the following Monday or Tuesday. That Sunday I received a call from Jim who said he would be out that afternoon to put up the temporary mailbox despite a heavy snow. True to his word, he arrived a few hours later in a heavy snowstorm, put up a temporary mailbox, and said he could repair my old mailbox by ordering the broken parts thereby saving me the cost of a new mailbox and pole. He took the broken parts with him and a day or two later I received a call from Tom to say he had ordered the parts and would be in touch with me as soon as they arrived.  When the parts arrived about a week later, Jim said he would be out that same day because he was going into the hospital the next day for elective surgery and would not be available for several weeks after his surgery. He arrived after sunset that night and reinstalled the mailbox by the light of his truck headlights. The result was a perfect repair.
Jim was one of the pleasantest, honest, and hard working individuals I have ever met.  I very enthusiastically recommend him and his company for mailbox repairs and installation."

Dec 2013 "After moving into our new home, the mailbox fell over.  It was the original mailbox that the house received when it was built 30+ years ago.  We live in Home Owners Association (HOA) controlled area and immediately contacted them to make sure we installed a mailbox in compliance with the HOA regulations.  They provided a short list of potential providers, but mentioned that many people had utilized Mr. Jim Hughes at MailboxXpress Inc, that the company was listed on Angie's List and that the HOA itself did not endorse any one company.  The Angie's List review showed high marks so we contacted Jim.
From the moment we called, we knew we were dealing we a truly professional company, with a passion for their craft.  We explained the situation, where we lived and the time frame we needed to get the new mailbox installed.  They  talked us through the requirements and described the mailbox we needed.  They aslked us to take a picture of the "retired" mailbox and send it along to help ensure the new one met or exceeded the requirements of the Countryside HOA.  They promptly scheduled an appointment and explained the process for construction and installation and associated costs.
When Jim arrived for the appointment he was professional and of good nature, and prompt to the appointment time.  He looked at the existing emplacement area, assessed the situation adn explained to me exactly what he needed to do.  He described his company and its history in the area.  He put my wife and I at ease and immediately set to work.  As easy as it may sound to put in a mailbox, I forgot how important high quality is for something we use everyday spare Sunday.  The work and passion Jim Hughes put into the post, boards and mailbox was outstanding.  He ensured the post was properly set int he ground and that it looked as good (better actually) than the neighbors.
Jim finished the task in short order and reviewed the work completed.  After accepting the payment, he cleaned the work area and left.  The new mailbox looked like it had always been in place and the work site was clear of any debris or trash.  Again, an outstanding job by an company that takes pride and ownership in their work.  Rare in today's world of plastic and rush to finish firms.
Thank you Jim Hughes and MailboxXpress, and thank you Angie's List for helping us find the right company for our new home and mailbox."

Dec 2013 "Great service.  Friend backed into our mail box and broke the post.  Jim responded to our late evening phone call with a message he'd be over the next morning.
He shored up the broken post, took our order, made sure we understood the pricing.  We were going out of town for the next few days.  He promised to install a new mailbox and post while we were gone, and asked that we leave a check on our porch for him.
We came back to a brand new perfect post and mailbox and as a bonus he carted away our old post and box because he knew we would be out of town for a few days.
While we hope we never need his services again, we would call him in a  heartbeat if we do as well as recommend him to our friends."

Nov 2013 "This was actually a fun experience from start to finish, and well worth the cost in terms of value. Jim answered the phone on the second rignreign and told me what I needed. The next morning he was out front putting exactly what I needed on the post where the old mail box had been. He's a great guy, and as I said up front actually fun to deal with. I highly recommend this company to anyone in the Washington D.C. area whose old mailbox has died!"

Oct 2013 "This was one of the most exceptional experiences that I have had with a service provider. I contacted Mailbox Xpress on Friday October 18, after my mailbox collapsed on Thursday. The initial contact was very informative and positive.  They explained their products, what services they provided.  They recommended a couple of designs and I decided to go with the white pineapple post and a black mailbox.  I was told that it would probably be Monday before they would be able to install the new mailbox, but that they would try for Saturday.  I told them Monday was good since I would be able to intercept the postal service carrier to get any mail delivered on Friday or Saturday.  What a welcome surprise to see them show up on Saturday morning!  He gave priority to me because I was an Angie's List member and because I didn't have a mailbox at all.  The installer was very pleasant and professional.  He quickly removed the two posts that were still there, installed a new post.  I watched from my door as he meticulously leveled the post, ensuring that the post was stable, poured concrete; then applied another coat of paint to the pole.  It took all of 30 minutes!  I now have the best looking mailbox on the cul-de-sac!  I can't express how grateful I am.  I tried to install the last one myself and it was a true fiasco, and a neighbor had to come to my rescue.  So it was worth every cent to have it done correctly without any drama.   I would highly recommend Mailbox Xpress to all of my friends who need to have a mailbox replaced or repaired."

Sep 2013 "Jim does great work. He really took the time to explain what he was doing and answer any questions. The finished product was wonderful and at a fair price. All 4 neighbors are over the top happy with our new cluster mailboxes and how great they look.  I think what separates Jim from other outfits is where they set out to meet customers expectations, his goal is to exceed them! I would highly recommend Mailbox Xpress and Jim for any mailbox repair or new construction!"

Aug 2013 "Jim did a wonderful job replacing my mailbox.  He came the next day after I contacted him.  Jim was very personable and professional and exacting in his work, making sure things were perfectly done.  He didn't even disturb the flowers planted around the box!  The post and box were high quality.  He really enjoys what he does and wants to make sure the customer is happy.  I will recommend Mailbox Xpress to my friends and neighbors, and would definitely hire them again if I needed to.  However, I'm sure this box will last a long time, barring any mishaps.  I really look forward to going out and picking up my mail now.  Thanks, Jim!"

Aug 2013 "Our condo association's mailbox post broke in a violent thunderstorm.  We had a locksmith neighbor cut off the broken part and place the mailbox back on, but the post was too short for USPS regulations.  I called Jim on a Monday, and I emailed him photos of the problem.  He indicated he could do the job within the week, and for $350.  We (the condo board) were all very happy with the quote. I couldn't believe what he told me when he called back to schedule the repair the next day.  Jim told me that the job would actually cost $50 LESS than the quoted price!  All because he found a post he could re-use instead of ordering a new one.  I was astonished! 
Jim coordinated with USPS, and he came out on time to fix the mailbox.  He worked with our dinosaur of a mailbox and replaced the post.  He actually drilled into the concrete to put the new post in, and now, within a week, we have a mailbox our USPS carrier won't have to break his back on.
Thank you, Jim!  You were wonderful, it was a pleasure working with you.  If / when we are in the market for a new mailbox, you will be the only person I call!"

July 2013 "Earlier in the day, I went to Home Depot to shop for a mailbox and post.  I did not like the selection that they had. There were plastic mailboxes and cedar wood posts.  Also, I was uncertain if I would be able to install the new post in concrete.  it seemed easier to hire someone. 
I looked over the selection of mailboxes and posts that they had on the website.  The selection was better than Home Depot and it included installation.  I hired and Jim. He came over quickly and put up the mailbox and post that I ordered. I was satisfied with the fast service and not have to worry about putting up a mailbox myself.  He did a good job."

July 2013 "Ordering a new mailbox/post via their online website was easy and Mailbox Xpress did a great job answering my questions via email. We were pleasantly surprised to see Jim 2-3 weeks earlier than promised with the new mailbox and he did an outstanding job with the installation with a total focus on client satisfaction. We highly recommend Jim and Mailbox Xpress!"

July 2013 "Mr Hughes arrived the day he said he would. Very friendly and pleasent man. Went to work right away digging out the old post.. Moved the hole for the new post closer to the street because the old one was too far into my property and the postal service kept pulling the older one closer and it had been leaning. He worked fast, did a great job lining up the post and new box and carried the old chopped up post and box back up to my home and garbage. Very professional man and nice to do business with."

July 2013 "Talk about customer service! James really loves his customers, and especially his Angie's List people!
I have never encountered a more caring and attentive service provider EVER. I was so surprised, I mean we are talking about mailboxes, and so at ease with James taking care of us.
After James installed our temporary mailbox with about 12 hours notice, we ordered a gorgeous Whitehall Chalet mailbox in bronze through his website and he gave us a 10% discount code because we were an Angie's List member. The mailbox, as warned by James, took about 3 weeks to come in. Totally worth the wait - we have custom address plates on either side of our mailbox- no ugly stickers here!
The mailbox is literally the best looking one in the neighborhood and James set it up beautifully. Mailboxes are definitely something you can do yourself, but you can see the difference with a professional like Mailbox Xpress installing it. I know we'll be telling everyone in the neighborhood who installed our mailbox and I've already given out one referral in less than 24 hours.
There was an issue with a bolt/hole placement (manufacturer's fault) that I honestly would never have noticed, but James is so comitted to quality, that he's getting us a replacement part and coming back to install it in a few weeks. I am in awe of his integrity as a service provider!
If we ever have a need for a new mailbox, I'll be calling Mailbox Xpress and I will absolutely insist that my friends and family use them!"

June 2013 "I came home at 5 PM on a Saturday to find my mailbox broken off its post and completely destroyed, apparently by some passing vehicle.  I immediately checked Angie's List for a local company that might be able to install a new mailbox and post by 3 PM Monday, as home delivery on my street is usually late in the afternoon during the week. 
I decided to pick Mailbox Xpress in Alexandria and called them around 5:30 PM Saturday. They promised me they'd install a temporary mailbox the next day, if I wished to order and prepay for a new one on their website, which I could choose to customize.  My new customized mailbox would arrive in about 4 weeks, and I would pay the installation fee of $149 when it was actually installed.
This experience exceeded my expectations!  Not only did I have a temporary standard size mailbox and post installed by the time I went to bed Sunday night, but 4 weeks later I'm looking at my fabulous new mailbox and post!  Yes, I paid more for a higher-quality, customized mailbox, but Mailbox Xpress went beyond that and substituted an even higher quality bolt arrangement than provided by the manufacturer, to ensure long-lasting sturdiness.
The entire process from first call to installation of the permanent customized mailbox/post, was a shining example of World-Class customer service backing a high-quality product at a reasonable price." 

June 2013 "If you need a mailbox, call Jim Hughes at Mailbox Xpress.  I received top-notch service at a fair price.  Jim takes great pride in his work, and I am very happy with my new mailbox."

June 2013 "Called on Friday afternoon and Jim came out the next day and completed all work quickly and completely. Quick response completely honest. I was 100% satisfied with the service."

May 2013 "Remove of 5 neigborhood mailboxes and installation of new mailbox and posts in a grouping. Another neighbor handled the organization of the whole project. I was around the day 08 installation. Jim highes was very respective to all our request and desires on the installation and design. He is very enthusiastic optics his work and takes pride in his work very pleasant to do business with."

May 2013 "Jim was great. He was prompt, professional, thorough,and detail oriented. He clearly takes great pride in his work. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a new mailbox!"

May 2013 "I couldn't be happier.  Professional installation by a very honest guy!  This box will last a long time.  I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone."

Apr 2013 "This was an outstanding experience.  Jim was friendly, efficient, skilled.  He clearly knows and enjoys his craft and takes pride in his work.  But aside from his performance as a contractor, meeting him was a wonderful encounter.  It's so good to find someone who is upbeat, positive, and has a great outlook on life.  He loves his work and it shows!  In all, a great combination:  outstanding mailbox repairman and inspiring human being."

Apr 2013 "I called Jim late last week. We were not in a big hurry, but as he was in the area Jim suggested he do the work that day.
I opted for the 'pineapple post' model after looking at their website. I
made two changes relative to the picture there: I went for a
medium-sized mailbox, and for metal numbers attached to the post rather than stick-on  numbers attached to the mailbox. The result is very stylish. The add-ons cost me an extra $30.
Jim said he was unable to dispose of the old mailbox himself, but he chopped it into pieces and loaded it into our trash bin, and off it went the next day. I wish all house-maintenance chores were this simple. Thanks, Jim."

Apr 2013 "After procrastinating for months I finally decided to get a new mailbox and decided on the Pineapple post model I saw on the company website. I called JIm (the owner) and we set up an appointment to have the mailbox delivered and installed.
Having purchased a new house somewhat recently I have worked with a good number of contractors, and none of them have come close to this level of customer service. He answered every question I had (which turned out to be a lot)  and helped with recommendations on what would make the mailbox most aesthetically pleasing.
48 hours later he drove up and started to install my mailbox. We decided it to move it a few feet to the side since my old mailbox was dangerously close to the end of my driveway so he took some extra time to dig up the old mailbox's base, and installed the new one. Then he took out the post which he had hand painted, and put a second coat on it, then mounted the actual box on top, and put the numbers up the side of the post. He also made sure the new mailbox was level, and that it wasn't going to tilt from side to side.
I'll have to admit up to this point I had little appreciation for mailboxes, but the mailbox he installed made me realize just how big a difference it made to the front of my property. It was simply perfect, gorgeous... it's like having a work of art out front that just happens to double as a mail receptacle. Let's suffice to say, I love it. If for whatever reason my mailbox gets destroyed by vandalism or heck, a lightning bolt, I will not even think about it, I'll just pick up the phone and call Jim. If you're on the fence about who to call for a mailbox you don't have to look any further, call Mailbox Xpress, I promise that you will not be disappointed. I can't say how nice it is to look out my front window and not have the eyesore that was my previous mailbox looking back at me. Now I look outside and see my mailbox and know I made a great decision. Thanks Jim for the amazing work!"

Apr 2013 "Mailbox Xpress certainly goes that extra mile. When I called to get some advice as to which mailbox would best suit our needs, I told Jim Hughes that our present mailbox kept falling down. Jim brought out a temporary mailbox for us to use while waiting for the mailbox we had ordered. Our new mailbox looks great and Jim Hughes is man who like what he does and it shows because he give 110% service. Would wholeheartedly recommend Mailbox Xpress."

Mar 2013 "Jim provided a prompt and informed estimate.  He placed supports to hold up the existing tottering structure over the weekend. On Monday he coordinated with the USPS for the installation and had the new post installed by Monday evening.  He even coordinated with the USPS to have Monday's mail delivered after the new post was installed.  All in all, it was a pleasant and professional interaction.  I highly recommend Mailbox Express!"

Mar 2013 "Jim Hughes and Mailbox Xpress were fantastic. I got absolutely first rate service from the time that I called him. He had lots of good ideas of how to fix my broken mailbox and took great pains to build me a mailbox that looked exactly like that one that a hit and run driver broke. He called me several times to keep me appraised of the status of the job he was doing for me and took pains to come out on a Sunday afternoon to fix the mailbox. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I now know why he has the rating that he has on Angie's List. I would not dream of calling anyone but him if I had to fix my mailbox again (God forbid!). Highly recommended. The job went perfectly. The finished product is exactly what I had wanted. The price was great and so was the service. I give Jim Hughes and Mailbox Xpress the highest recommendation that I can."

Mar 2013 "My old ugly mailbox was replaced by a really nice white one.  Simple but pretty it is.  John came back about a month ago to check on the magnetic closure.  I didn't even ask him to do that.  It was nice to see him checking on it because there were others in that style that was having a problem with the magnet.  I was not.
I just call him yesterday to come check on the mailbox again as an issue arose.  He wrote back immediately and said he would be by this week.  I trust that he will.  He mentioned the mailbox had a 5 year warrantee."

Mar 2013 "I was extremely pleased with my experience. I dealt by telephone and e-mail with both owner Jim and office manager Tom during the process. Both were uniformly courteous, knowledgeable, professional. and sympathetic to my "plight" with my mailbox and post nearing collapse at any time. When they offered to either repair my old box and post (or install a temporary one of theirs if mine was unsalvageable) within the next couple of days to see me through until my order came in, I felt as if I were receiving personal care and service. And my order even came in early - in just a little over two weeks! Jim called to alert me and then came and installed it same day. I had initially been afraid that I might be outside their service area (I live in Rockville, MD and the company is listed in Alexandria, VA), but this was no problem at all. I'd recommend them in a minute to family and friends. AND I LOVE MY NEW MAILBOX AND POST! Several of my neighbors and even the mailman have complimented me on it."

Feb 2013 "Removal of existing mail box on post at streetside.  Replaced by new mailbox at name location. Excellent service and product.  Job accomplished within 4 hours of placing order.  Price acceptable did  not see installer."

Feb 2013 "Jim removed the old post and the concrete that it was set in. He then set the new post in the same hole that the old post came out of and carefully measured and leveled the post before filling the hole. Attaching the mailbox was quickly completed and a final leveling assured a professional installation.
Jim did a thorough job of cleaning up after the mailbox was installed.
Pride of workmanship, customer satisfaction and knowledge of a job well done seem to motivate Jim to doing a first class job."

Feb 2013 "We had bought a box and post for Jim to install, upon looking at brand, he recommended a better brand. We returned the one we had and bought the one that was recommended by Jim. Excellent service!!"

Feb 2013 "My mailbox post was broke and needed immediate replacement.  Jim was very responsive.  He came out the next day and replaced our mailbox despite the rainy weather.  Price was excellent for a basic post and mailbox combo along with installation."

Feb 2013 "The gentleman instructed that I leave a check under our door mat so he could come and replace our mailbox without bothering us. We came home and found the job done and it was the best price around. Very pleasant chat while we scheduled it."

Feb 2013 "I felt that Jim went above and beyond coming out to our house twice to first install a temporary mailbox and then to install our permanent box when it arrived. Jim did a great job and I would highly recommend his service."

Feb 2013 "I was most pleased.  Jim was in telephone contact on several occasions to discuss installation.  He worked hard to remove current post and patiently installed new post and mailbox.  He inspected new mailbox before installation and determined that one address plate needed to be replaced.  He ordered same the day of installation and called to report that he had done so.  His level of customer service service is a marvel!  If all merchants were so inclined we would all live longer, happier lives!"

Jan 2013 "This review will read very similarly to all of the other reviews about Jim...  He is one of the easiest people to work with and does a spectacular job.  We had bought a mailbox from another company and I was looking to have it installed so we contacted Mailbox Xpress.  He came out the same day I called and was ready to do the work right then and there!  Unfortunately, the mailbox I had received was missing a part and I had to call and get it shipped out to me, but Jim was completely unfazed.  He put my mailbox back in the hole as a temporary measure and even put numbers on the side since he had removed my pole and replaced it with one of his. 
When I called him to let him know the part had arrived, he was right back out there to do it...  in the freezing cold and snow!  He got it all done and it looks great.  If you have a mailbox that needs repair or you need a new mailbox, this is the only way to go in this area."

Dec 2012 "From the start to finish, my interaction with the company went extremely well.  They were courteous, prompt and efficient.  Great overall experience!"

Dec 2012 "I can't believe the excellent service. I called yesterday (Sunday) that the post for my mailbox had been damaged. It was replaced by nine AM the next day."

Dec 2012 "Jim was a day early! He had the new box/post in before I even knew he was there. He admitted that he needed to bring a different "capital" for the top of the post because the one he had just wasn't right for the style it was replacing. I liked his honesty. He was back within the hour with the correct "capital"."

Dec 2012 "Called yesterday after finding company online.  Received a call back after leaving a phone message.   New mailbox installation completed today after receiving a call back yesterday confirming. New mailbox installed promptly at price agreed on.  Looks great!"

Nov 2012 "Our mailbox was destroyed by "Sandy".  We called another company and thought their estimate was a bit high.  We then contacted Mailbox Express and was given an estimate that was half the price of the other company and he was also including a new mailbox.  The work was completed as scheduled.  We had a cover on our old post that was not damaged that we wanted to put on the new post.  He was able to put it on the new post without any problems.  The area around the mailbox looks as if it was hardly disturbed (and he had to pull up the broken post).  The new mailbox looks great.  Overall, we can highly recommend his services."

Nov 2012 "We had been contemplating getting a new mailbox for sometime now, but kept putting it off.  We found a flyer in our mailbox from Mailbox Xpress and saw photos of different types of boxes online via their webpage and liked what we saw.  Went to Angie's List and also googled reviews and all came up stellar.  When I called I spoke directly to JIm never a sales person, and anytime I would call or had to leave a message he immediately called back and it was always Jim whom I spoke with.  Jim takes pride in his work (referring to his work in installing mailboxes as his "trophies"), he guides you along the process of selecting an appropriate mailbox that will fit into your community so that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.
We wanted a new post and a new mailbox but couldn't really see clearly in the photos what the difference was between the standard and medium size boxes looked like, so Jim actually came out to our home last Saturday just hours before the Storm "Sandy" was at it's peak just to show us the two size mailboxes.  We were totally impressed by his professionalism and great attitude, and we knew at this point that he really is true to his word about giving his customers the best "service".  Since my husband was unavailable to view the boxes he actually left the two boxes for him to see.  He called us that Monday to see what we had decided.  We decided on a  Black medium mailbox, Pineapple style with a dark brown post (which he painted himself onsite), and silver color  house numbers running along one side of the post. He even talked us out of purchasing reflectors, as he felt we didn't need them due to where the house is situated he felt reflectors were not necessary.  Jim even cut down the old post small enough for our garbage company to haul it away easily.  Jim was also moved the new mailbox back so that it would not stick out and risk drivers from hititng it.  He made sure everything was sized up evenly.  We have underground sprinklers and Jim was very careful not drill to close or break a sprinkler pipe or head.
We felt Jim was honest, professional, personable and easy to deal with, and definitely knows his line of business very well.  Wish all business owners did business this way.  It was an actual pleasure to work with Jim and would definitely refer him to others.  So now our house has one of Jim's "trophies" and it looks beautiful, and we're glad we went with the medium mailbox.  Hopefully others in our neighborhood will follow.
Thanks Jim."

Nov 2012 "I called and requested the installation of a new mailbox and post.  I was given a price which was very fair and so I ordered the mailbox and post.  When we came home from church, the mailbox was being installed.  The old one was removed and a new beautiful one was installed.  Jim was very professional, courteous and good at his job.  The new mailbox and post looks great, is very well made and was cemented into the ground and does not move.
I'm sorry I waited so long to call.  I will be calling to have him install one for our son in South Riding in the next few weeks.
job well done"

Oct 2012 "Jim left an advertisement at my old mailbox that provided information on cost and different selections available to replace my mailbox. I called him 2 nights later. He was very polite and told me he could/would provide me with a new box & post the next day. He arrived promptly the next day, was very polite, did the job; cleaned up after himself and was completed and gone in less than an hour, The new box and post are sturdy and look great."

Oct 2012 "Our community of 25 houses needed our mailboxes replaced.  The posts were sagging and discolored.  Many boxes were rusted, broken or leaking.  Mailbox Xpress quoted a price for breaking down the old posts and boxes for disposal by our local trash service, setting new painted posts with black house numbers in concrete and installation of brand new mailboxes. Jim was extremely professional and gave us a great price for the replacement of our mailboxes.  He was able to meet our time frame before winter by using his inventory of reserve material.  Jim arrived prepared by prefabricating the posts and painting them at his workshop.  There was no impact to our mail service, and all work was completed within two days.  During the first day, Jim broke down the old mailboxes in time for the material to be hauled away by our trash service.  The new boxes and posts were set in the existing holes, so we could get our mail that day.  The next day, Jim completed the work by setting the posts in concrete and applying the house numbers.  The quality of the work was exceptional and enhanced the aesthetics of the community, which directly relate to the desirability of our community as a place to live and the market value of our homes.  We would definitely recommend Jim for any mailbox repair or replacement."

Oct 2012 "My mail carrier requested that I have my mail box moved since it was too a different location away from the busy street.  I selected Jim Hughes (Mailbox Express) based on an Angie's list search.  When I spoke with Jim on the phone, he was very responsive and made an appointment for the same day since he was going to be in the area.  When he examined my old mailbox, he said that he could move the mailbox to the new location, replace the old mailbox, and reuse the wooden post, which was still in good shape to save me some money.  He was fast and obviously a skilled professional who had been installing mailboxes for many years. Jim was able to put in my new mailbox the same day I called.   When he arrived, he quickly assessed the situation and selected the best new location for the new mailbox.  From our conversation, it was obvious that he was a professional and very knowable about the types of mailboxes, posts, as well as the local ordinances  pertaining to the placement of mailboxes.  He removed the old mailbox, salvaged the wooden post by repainting it, mounted the new mailbox, added reflective numbers, dug the new post hole, set up the new mailbox, and filled in the old post hole.  The total price for his work was very reasonable and I am very pleased with the final result.  On top of all this, I was very impressed with Jim Hughes as a person.  He not only a skilled worker, but also a friendly, energetic, professional, and an all-around remarkable person.  It was a pleasure interacting with him; he left a lasting impression and made my day.  I would higly recommend Jim to anyone needing a new mailbox installed."

Sept 2012 "Our Old mailbox needed replacement. We  receivedt an advertising flyer by the old mailbox which provided details on mailbox post styles to select from, costs, and contact information.  The information was helpful and complete and we checked out the company website and on Angie's list. Jim Hughes did an outstanding job replacing our old mailbox.  He was focused on providing a quality product an kept up informed on every aspect of the job. It was installed early today and looks great!. We could not be happier with the quality of the product and the installation. Jim is a man who takes pride in his work and producing a quality product. I strongly recommend him to anyone thinking or repairing or replacing their mailbox. You will be very happy with the job Jim will do for you."

Sept 2012 "This man, Jim, is phenomenal. Simply unbelievable to encounter someone of this caliber in this day and age. It was a wonderful experience. To begin with, he is prompt and fast. He either answers the phone himself or gets back to you almost immediately. The information he supplies is right to the point, and offered with courtesy and respect. The job is completed in less than twenty-four hours, at the very most, despite inclement weather.  His work is quality perfection, and performed in a completely reliable manner. His energy is boundless, and he obviously loves people generally, and his customers in particular. It's as though his whole life is centered around his work and the people he interfaces with therein. Especially in these time of stress, it is absolutely uplifting to be around someone like this even if only for a short amount of time. Jim reminds me of what America was like decades ago. And best of all, in addition to the above, I'm the proud owner of a brand-new mailbox, done just the way it should be!"

Sept 2012 "I called Mailbox Xpress after receiving one of their flyers under my old, leaky mailbox. I looked at the styles available in the flyer and at the website, then called and spoke with Jim. He helped me decide on the options I wanted and even advised me not to purchase the red reflectors as he judged I did not need them. He kept me up-to-date about when to expect installation. After he installed the mailbox, he took the old post and mailbox away with him. We could not be happier with the process and the product. Our new white pineapple-style post, which Jim made, is beautiful. Jim even painted the metal letters for the size of the post green to match the mailbox. I highly recommend Mailbox Xpress!"

Sept 2012 "I was very happy with my experience.  I received advertising materials in a plastic bag at the base of my mailbox and as I was in need of a mailbox post and mailbox replacement, I looked at the material.  I read where Mailbox Xpress said the business was highly recommended on Angie's List so after verifying that this was in fact true, I decided to use Mailbox Xpress. As some of the other Angie's List comments have noted, I too thought Jim Hughes was very personable and enthusiast about his work. He did a very nice job and cleaned up the job site very well and removed all residue.  The mailbox post is extremely well set and the quality of the materials is of high quality. Jim is clearly a hard worker and I do recommend him and his work."

Aug 2012 "Jim Hughes is a rare energetic pleasant can-do kind of a guy.  The kind of guy you want on your side or better yet working for you.   He aims to please and he values his customers going out of his way fulfill task and delivering on services and products you desire.  For me it wasn’t a mailbox which Jim has a large market share in the Northern Virginia area; it was outdoor lights.  Jim is a distributer for Aurora deck lighting and by chance I saw his MailBox Express advertised on the Aurora website.  Even though I’m not a regular customer and I only needed to replace piece of glass, Jim came over that night with the replacement glass in hand.  He made a lasting impression on me.  I will definitely keep him in mind if I want to add more outdoor lights or get a new mailbox.  Thanks Jim."

Aug 2012 "They installed a special order top-of-the-line luxury hand painted hummingbird mail box.  This is the Rolls Royce of mailboxes.  I bought the mailbox and had it installed.  They replaced the mailbox post, painted the post, put house numbers on the post and installed the mailbox. I ordered the mailbox off their website at www.mailboxxpress.com and then they installed it when it came in. We did not have to be at home; they scheduled the installation for a sunny period when the paint would dry.  The company is very responsive and communicative and I did not have to pester them or anything.  They kept me advised of the status and then the mailbox suddenly appeared earlier than I expected it!

Aug 2012 "Jim removed the old mailbox and installed a new one very quickly on a very hot and humid day.  Even though we did not contract with him to paint the post when we ordered it, he painted the post after he installed it and came back a couple of hours later to give it a second coat of paint. Overall it went very well.   Jim is very personable and it is a pleasure to do business with him.  I would highly recommed his service and would do business with him again."

Aug 2012 "I found a flyer by my mailbox about replacements being done and noticed the Angieslist mention, so I called.  He was polite and patient with all my questions.  He was on site the next day.  He did not need me to be home to do the work.  He cleaned up after himself.  The only way I knew he'd been there was that the check (which I left under the front door mat) had been picked up and there was a beautiful shiny brand new mail box on a nice new post where the old one had been.  All done ... no fuss ... no drama ... no problems."

Aug 2012 "I called in the early evening to place an order for a new post and mailbox.  i was told that I everythng would be installed the next day. The next day I left the check for payment under the front door mat as instructed.  Apparently he was very busy because when I returned home from work the check was still under the mat and the mailbox was not yet replaced.  This morning I woke up to go to work and there was a brand new post and mailbox in my front yard along the street.  It must have just popped out of the ground because the ground around it doesn't even look disturbed.  What a great job!  The post and mailbox are of great quality and are as solid as a rock.  Jim did a much better job than I ever would have done.  Do not hesitate to hire this company."

Aug 2012 "Remove old mail box and post replaced new post and mailbox. One phone call to Jim and I got a  new mailbox and post. The price was right and Jim was very good and proud of his work. I like the curb appeal of my new mailbox. Thanks Jim, job well done."

Aug 2012 "Replaced decrepid mailbox with a gorgeous brand-new post and mailbox. Jim is all about customer service.  We had been living in our new house for just a few weeks when he left us a brochure.  Our mailbox was the worst looking box in the neighborhood.  After checking him out on Angie's List, we went ahead with his services.  We were able to get a reduced cost on the mailbox we had already picked out elsewhere.  The supporting mailbox post was made to our specifications.  We now have the best looking mailbox in the neighborhood. Thank you, Jim!"

Aug 2012 "Jim replaced out mailbox and post that had been damaged by Vandals. It is most unusual to find a person like him who is not only willing to give you excellent service but a superior job as well at a fair and reasonable price. I called today and he was here in a few hours ( a 130 miles away)! We like Jim because he loves what he does, is completely dedicated and it shows in his work. This is our 3rd time to use him and we have been more than satisfied each and every time!"

Aug 2012 "When he arrived on Wednesday, he realized that he needed a larger mailbox than he had brought, so he set up a temporary mailbox, and promised to return on Saturday with a new custom made post and the correct mailbox. When I returned home on Thursday, he had replaced the mailbox and post, and two days earlier than promised! Excellent workmanship and very responsive and professional. This is the only person you should call if you need a mailbox replaced or repaired."

Aug 2012 "The owner of Mailbox Xpress, who in my conversation with him the day before replacing my mailbox, gave me a run through of what he would do to accomplish the task, the materials he would use and, of course, the cost.  He was courteous, considerate and efficient and takes pride in his work.  The new mailbox is very attractive and most important, sturdy.   It should last many years.  It was a pleasure doing business with Mr. Hughes and I would most certainly recommend him to my friends and neighbors. or anyone.  This company is a winner."

July 2012 "A car hit our mailbox a month or so ago.  I bought a $25 temporary box to hold me over, since the mailbox that I wanted takes a few weeks to order with an address.   I put the temporary box in, but it really was not standing right.  I called Jim about a new mailbox, and he volunteered to come to our house and reinstall the temporary box so that it would stand straight and work until we got the permanent box.   Next thing I know - later that same day - the temporary box is installed and for no extra charge.  We ordered the permanent box through his website, and the price was better than anything else on the web.  As soon as the box came in, Jim was at our house.  He recommended a different location to make it less likely that it would be knocked over, and installed it right away.  Jim is VERY aware of Angie's list reviews, so it is a great thing to mention that you are a member.  He really wants good reviews, and does what it takes to get them."

July 2012 "Jim, the installer arrived by 7:30 AM.  The most surprising aspect was that this was July 4, and he could have chosen to ignore my request to install the mailbox on this major holiday.  He was very pleasant in his demeanor.  Added paint and decals and removed old mailbox meterbulb.  I would highly recommend Jim to others.

July 2012 "My old mailbox was pathetic, falling down; I had gotten a notice from the Post office. Speed of service once it was here, getting it all done in one trip, courteousness, that was good. He gave me extra numbers on the box which he could have charged me for but since he was running late and said I was patient with him, he did that for free. He was very friendly. He didn't upsell me. He laid out some options for me.

July 2012 "I bought a new house and then realized there was no mailbox at the house! My boyfriend and I went to the store and bought a mailbox and a pole but we found it was too dififcult to properly dig the hole so we returned them to the store and started googling. I found Jim's website and gave him a call. Having him install it was not that much more than the cost of buying everything at the store and he did it very quickly while carrying on a very good conversation. It looks really nice and saved a lot of stress and hard work."

July 2012 "I called Jim and explained that my old mailbox had given up its life and that I needed to have a new one installed as soon as possible because I was going out of town on vacation.He asked me to choose the one I wanted from his website and he would have it installed before my next mail delivery. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his phenominal response in getting my problem solved. Jim is the kind of person you want to do business with and I highly recommend him to anyone having a mailbox problem. Jim, thanks again for all your help."

June 2012 "Awesome!  Called, picked a mailbox from his website and he performed the work.  The work looked like the mailbox had always been there."

June 2012 "We had a curb side mailbox that had been leaning for quite some time.  I finally contacted another mailbox company about getting a new box and post installed, but they said it had to be ordered.  After waiting about 2 weeks for the new mailbox, I was doing some work to help stabilize the failing base of my old box when it gave way completely around 11am on a Monday morning.  I knew I couldn't wait any longer and so Googled mailbox installers in northern virginia and found Mailbox Xpress for the first time.  Left Jim a message and got a call back within the hour.  I explained my predicament to him and he was at the house within 3 hours to give me a temporary mailbox until the one I wanted could be ordered and installed.  Jim responded so quickly that he beat the mail carrier and so I never missed a day of mail!  The new Whitehall mailbox he just installed looks great and I cannot recommend Jim and Mailbox Xpress enough.  You don't encounter the kind of customer service Jim provides very often and it makes you want to tell others about him.  He offers a large selection of mailboxes and will bend over backwards to ensure you are happy."

June 2012 "Our multi-mailbox unit came out fantastic. Jim guided us through this project with patience and understanding. He helped us choose the right mailboxes that matched our community look, and was on time, courteous, and very responsive. I was kept updated until the day mailboxes arrived. He checked all five mailboxes for defects and made sure there were no issues. The craftsmanship of the posts was perfect. I am gladly giving unequivocal recommendation to the Mailbox Express!"

June 2012 "Jim was on time and delivered on every promise made.  He made sure that my husband and I were completely satisfied with the job he had done.  I would definitely recommend this company."

May 2012 "My mailbox was vandalized.  Jim arrived promptly after my call secured the mailbox quickly and efficiently.  He then took a paint brush and white paint can from his truck and painted the mail post where the paint was chipped.  I was so pleasantly surprised and pleased with his services that I paid him a little more than the negotiated price."

May 2012 " I thought I needed a new post in addition to a new mailbox and paid for it. Jim left my check in the new mailbox, left a note saying I did not need the post. Instead at $205, he charged me $73. He painted the old post, installed new numbers and reflectors. Jim is a true professional and honest! I will always use him for my mailbox/post/numbers."

May 2012 "Bought a new mailbox.  Jim came by, took out the old one, put in the new one.  I love it.  Jim was very professional.  I had a question about lawn plaques.  They tried so hard to help me find what I was looking for.  Appreciated their time spent."


April 2012 "Jim is an expert mailbox repairman! I learned so much about mailboxes during this experience. I recently moved into a house that had a curbside mailbox and wanted to replace it with a locking curbside mailbox. Jim was extremely patient, as it took me forever to identify a locking mailbox that met my needs. He values his Angie's List customers and works very hard to meet our postal needs. He is very conscientous and committed to producing a quality product. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of work and love my new mailbox."

April 2012 "I'd like to give Mailbox xpress a POH nomination. Jim did an outstanding job for us.  He installed the new pineapple mail box the day after we called him. We had never spoken to him before, but Jim treated us as if we were old friends. Our old mailbox was on a metal pole that was rooted inside a decorative brick enclosure that my husband had built. We thought this would be a huge problem, but Jim got right on it and was able to remove the metal pole without damaging the brickwork. He then installed the new mailbox within the decorative brick enclosure. It looks absolutely stunning. When I decided on a green mailbox instead of a black one, he came back early the next day and installed the green mailbox, and he had painted the house numbers on the pole green to match the mailbox. We didn’t even know he had been there. It was like Grimm’s story of The Elves and The Shoemaker. We are recommending Jim and MailboxExpess to our friends who might be interested in an very attractive new mailbox at a very reasonable price."


March 2012 "Jim was very personable & professional. His enthusiasm for his work was contagious. He was prompt, came out on a Sunday and did a very neat installation. It looks great!"

March 2012  "This guy is unreal.  Responsive, skilled, happy to help.  Price was very fair.  One of the best home repair experience ever.
You can't buy and install the materials at Home Depot much cheaper than this guy turn-key installs it.  Make it easy on yourself, just tell Jim what you want and he'll do the rest."


Feburary 2012 "I called Mailbox Xpress to replace my mailbox and post. Jim promptly called me back and reviewed the options for the post, mailbox, numbering, and lettering. We quickly agreed on what he would install and the date. Jim came out on the agreed upon date but didn't install my choice because he wanted to make sure I wanted the color combination I picked. My house is tan and brown and i had selected a green and white mailbox/post. He called me to explain and I agreed a tan/brown combination would be better. Jim then came out and installed a high quality mailbox and post and cleaned up the site. It was a great, easy experience. Jim was fun to work with and he delivered a quality product, installed well, in a timely manner. He is very passionate about his work and works hard to get it right".
Feburary 2012 "Our old mailbox was beyond repair.  Mr. Hughes came out and removed the old metal post and mailbox .  He replaced it w/ one of his handmade posts (the pineapple post) and new black mailbox.  Additionally he put our house number on the post w/ reflectors.  He did an excellent job and we love our new mailbox. Everything went smoothly and he is very professional from start to finish.  We would highly recommend."
January 2012 "Restored and updated 29 individual mailboxes and posts in a private homeowner association. Work included repairing posts, resetting in concrete, re-aligning and leveling. Jim not only did an unbelievable job but he managed to do it on time and at a very reasonable price. Jim did not request any down-payment and only requested full payment when the job was fully finished."

December 2011 "Removed old mailbox and post. Replaced with a new mailbox and post set in concrete. Great job. Arrived and completed job within 48 hours. Excellent materials and construction. Even saved street address numbers from the old post and installed them on the new post."

November, 2011 "Jim did an amazing job at a very nice price (I had called one other mailbox company as well as a handyman and both were at least $80 more). Jim has a passion for what he does and he does it well. He even fixed my mailbox which was just starting to lean.  I highly recommend Mailbox Xpress and would use this service again."

October, 2011 "My mailbox was stolen a few days before Halloween and I needed a replacement immediately. I sent Mailboxxpress a note via Angie's list and within a few hours Mr. Jim Hughes responded to my request to have my mailbox repaired.  Although we did not schedule an exact time for the repair, Mr. Hughes came to my home on Monday evening and installed my new mailbox in the dark.  I was thinking to myself, you gotta be kidding me, he is going to try and install a new mailbox in the dark. Not only did he install a better mailbox than I had before, he also repainted my address to the wooden stand as well as the mailbox for a very reasonable price. I couldn't thank Jim enough for such great work and saving the day for me. Jim is without a doubt a consummate professional who is very passionate about his work!."

August, 2011 "I called Mailbox Xpress on a Friday evening. Jim called me back on Saturday, and agreed to install the new post on Sunday.  Despite the problems caused by Hurrican Irene that Saturday afternoon and evening, he showed up on Sunday and installed the post.  Very easy to deal with, and a man of his word.  I would highly recommend Mailbox Xpress to anyone."

July, 2011 "We're very happy with our new mailbox and post.  Jim did a very good job.  He makes the posts himself and takes great pride in his work, which is quite refreshing in this day and age.
In late July, Jim had left a flyer at our home.  Since our old mailbox and post were getting very shabby, we gave him a call.  We preferred to have the mailbox and post replaced quickly, since we were going on vacation within a few days.  We also requested a gray mailbox, which is not one of his usual colors.  Jim worked hard to accommodate us.  He is very meticulous, and there were a couple of phone conversations because he wanted to make sure that he had just the right shade of gray paint, and he did!
Jim cares a lot about customer service, and we were very pleased!"

July, 2011 "Typical situation, someone backed into my mailbox knocking it to the ground. No note. The mailmen really don't want to have to get out of their trucks to place your mail in the box laying sadly on the ground.  I called Mailbox Express, Jim, late yesterday and after asking just a few questions he was on it.  I left a check in a plastic bag under my front door mat and SURPRISE mailbox that I thought was a goner was back up and good as new.  I am not sure what he did to repair but it looks great and I am one HAPPY customer!  Magically happened early morning or overnight (not even sure which) but thanks Jim!"  

May, 2011
"It looks great.   We didn't have to be home.  He didn't make a mess.  He cleaned up everything and left the cement where we could dispose of it.   It rained the day he promised he would come, but he called and told us he couldn't do it in the rain.  We are very happy with his work and his professionalism with the job.  The materials are first rate and it was worth the money not to do it ourselves."

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to call our contact number (703)855-9471 or send an e-mail to mailboxshop@yahoo.com and one of our management staff will help you. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving your mailbox needs.

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