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Featured below are our hand made custom posts. We will be happy to do any installation that you require.

This is our Standard post with the black metal standard-size mailbox and 3 inch numbers on one side.

Installed $159!
Here are examples of our Pineapple Post (the People's Choice). It has tremendous curb appeal and is the envy of the neighborhood -- BAR NONE!

Base model (black mailbox, no reflectors) Installed $205!
As shown with color mailbox and reflectors $211

This is our General post. Another very popular choice with our customers. Shown here with the black metal standard-size mailbox, 2 inch numbers on the box, and reflectors on the post for oncoming cars at night. 

Installed with standard mailbox 

As show with medium mailbox and post $245!

Shown here is our Newspaper post in one of our many HOA (Home Owner Association) communities with the black metal standard-size mailbox.

Installed to HOA specifications.  Standard mailbox $195!

Medium mailbox and post installed $225!

This is our dual Pineapple post with 2 inch numbers on the door of the green metal standard-size mailbox. It's great for those of you who share a post with your neighbor.

Installed with 2 mailboxes $255!

 Installed with 3 mailboxes $305!

We can accomodate most any of your post and mailbox needs. This is our Pineapple post with five black metal medium-size mailboxes and the 3 inch numbers on the front and additional post included.

Installed with 4 standard mailboxes $510!
Installed with 5 standard mailboxes $560!
As shown with 5 medium mailboxes and posts $695!


We can do most any combination that you would like!

All wood posts are made of 100% treated materials and assembled with screws - not NAILS.  Premium posts have a durable finish - primed and painted with 2 coats of exterior grade paint.

Our posts are set in concrete and our work meets all USPS (United States Postal Service) and NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Association) specifications.

Several mailbox and post styles are available. Unless specified, we will install the black metal standard-size mailbox.

Mailboxxpress.com has an exclusive 5 year warranty on material and workmanship.
The best in the industry!

In addition, we have the following:

Brown, green, and white metal standard-size mailboxes. Larger size mailboxes are available upon request.

To give that extra "curb appeal" for your mailbox and post, 4 inch solid aluminum numbers are available. The numbers come in black, or we can paint them the same color as your mailbox at no additional cost.

We offer 3 inch reflectors on both sides of the post. The reflectors brighten up once headlights shine upon them. It's a "no miss" deal!

Once we have removed the old post and installed the new post and mailbox, we will break down the old post so it can be easily picked up by your local trash service.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to call our contact number (703)855-9471 or send an e-mail to mailboxshop@yahoo.com and one of our management staff will help you. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving your mailbox needs.

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